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>> others are angry about what congress did do. critics on both sides blasted the watered down deal to avert the fiscal cliff. what is in and what is out? after promising to protect it both the white house and congress decided to end the payroll tax holiday, meaning your taxes go up 2%. an extra $1,000 for every $50,000 you earn. individuals making more than $400,000 a year will see their taxes go up. also not getting done, spending cuts. one analyst said today congress kicked the drone down the road, postponing cuts for another month. republicans say they will fight raising the debt ceiling without significant spending cuts. >> the president has maxed out his credit card and he's not going to get an unlimited credit card. >> he is back in hawaii today
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but president obama feels congress spent the money and will have to raise taxes further. >> i will not have another debate with congress over whether or not they should pay the bills they have already racked up. >> of late this afternoon, house republican leaders backed down over their decision to postpone a force and the victims after both parties blasted lack of action. now, congress will vote on $9 billion in aid and additional aid later when congress officially returns to the new session. >> we are going to stick with the fiscal cliff for a moment because lawmakers are not the only ones sounding off about it. we have reaction from taxpayers to how much more they will still be paying. >> it is a huge concern not just for lawmakers but many americans. what does this deal really mean for me? we did not find a lot of people
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celebrating here in washington. >> i will have to pay more even though i am still working the same job i worked last year. >> that is part of the brutal truth. while income tax hikes were avoided, the 2% increase in social security contributions will mean a lighter paycheck across the board. >> 2% ain't nothing. >> maybe so, when you look at the big picture. but the 2% increase add that to an extra $1,000 will pay in taxes for every $50,000 in taxes. >> is more budgeting i have to do and more plans. it's very stressful. >> visiting pc from alabama, and some of celebrating the decision, she is focused on her purse strings. >> this is a vacation and i want to be able to go on more. if my taxes are affected, one have money to go on vacations. >> raising taxes on the richest
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americans will help raise half a trillion dollars. not nearly enough for one of 16 house democrats who voted no. >> i think the democrats particularly are going to lose -- going to rue the day we made this decision to permanently remove any possibility for additional revenue. >> you cannot fund of the government with 2% from taxpayers. >> it is really less than 1% of american taxpayers affected, but we mentioned the payroll tax increases. there is also an inheritance tax increase up 5%. add to that the sequestered and the debt ceiling and there was not a lot of celebration today on the hill. >> coming up at 5:30, our coverage of the fiscal cliff and more on the sandy aid package
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that has fallen through the cracks. >> we want to get to some breaking news that -- secretary of state hillary clinton is out of the hospital. she left a hospital late this afternoon with her husband and daughter by her side. she was admitted to new york presbyterian hospital on sunday after a clot was found during a follow-up exam. doctors expect to make a full recovery. >> news chopper 7 was over the scene of the merchant tire store where a hand grenade was found in the parking lot. police were able to determine the degree it -- the grenade was a nurse. police have no leads or suspects -- the grenade was inert. this happened this morning at bates middle school on chase street in annapolis -- two men were taken to the hospital with
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breathing problems and minor burns but no students were hurt. the exact cause is under investigation. >> it has been a cold wednesday from the area but temperatures are about to go up. >> temperatures getting warmer but we will stay plenty cold for the next few days. first up, 34 degrees in arlington. high clouds there but continuing to thin out tonight. will get mighty chile and already is. 30 degrees in gaithersburg. just enough of a breeze at the moment to knock the wind chill down. it feels more like 29 in frederick. the story through this evening is mainly clear and dropping to near freezing in most areas and overnight, 18 to 28 degrees under clear skies.
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you may get a peek at an annual mean be huge -- annual meteor shower. be away from the city lights and the fact that it is a winning guinness mahon will help a little bit. >> a cold night ahead. metro transit police have released new photographs for four people wanted in connection with a stabbing on a metro bus. one woman was stabbed and another hit in the head early tuesday morning during a fight on board a bus in southeast washington. the suspects took off when the bus stop. the women are said to have non- life threatening injuries. >> d.c. police are said to have used some kind of machine gun during a -- said there were armed robbers who used machine guns during an armed robbery. >> that is the hot tub sitting on the deck there.
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we have to robbery cases in six days and the six victims are all women. the robberies were shocking themselves but it was the gun that was used it was terrifying. >> i looked up and they had a machine gun pointed at me. >> he was on a porch in somerset place last thursday around 10:00 when she says the unbelievable happened. >> this one had a banana clip. it was definitely a machine gun. it was about that long and all black. >> that gun and her face all for a stolen purse. >> he was wearing a face mask so everything but his eyes was covered. he said wiry looking at me and shook the gun at me. >> the robber showed up again on fifth street. the police report indicates to women or in this hot tub when a masked gunman came up and said
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give me your money or i'll shoot you. residents are worried. >> it is outrageous. >> the gunman ordered both women out of the hot tub and told them of the victim -- give me your money or i'll shoot you and the dog. the gunman asked if she would call the police. those women described then as a large automatic weapon. >> i have not been going out much. i just don't feel like being out in d.c. late at night right now. >> i just spoke with both women involved in the robbery here on the corner. they tell me they're physically ok. all of the women in these cases tell us they want their neighbor
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to be warned. >> thank you very much. new developments tonight in the murder case. montgomery county state's attorney's confirmed a three judge panel has denied brittany nor would an appeal hearing. she was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her co- worker who was found beaten to death inside the store in bethesda in march of 2011. >> many same-sex couples across maryland rang in the new year with weddings as the marriage became legal. same-sex couples had been able to get a marriage licenses since december 6 but they did not take effect until january 1. 49 same-sex marriage license applications were handed out and baltimore city reports more than 40 issued as well. baltimore county has had several dozen. prince george's county issued less than a dozen. >> it is a big weekend. the redskins are preparing for a huge game when the seattle
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seahawks come to town for the first round of the playoffs. >> we have more on what rg3 and the team are saying. >> they're walking around, heating and smiling. a different locker room and the media is everywhere. the redskins practice at the indoor bubble today and that's what they did last week and they wanted to stay on a routine. he wanted to ask if his neophyte did his accuracy because the only completed 50% of his passes and rushed for 53 yards. it's a drop-off from his usual numbers but he denied any correlation. he said his work has been unprecedented for a quarterback and i had the opportunity to talk to griffon one-on-one. this is what he had to say. >> he's been things he's never seen a quarterback before and
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he's coached a couple of big ones. what do those words mean to you? >> he was a guy watch growing up as a bronco fan. it definitely means a lot more coming from him. >> we will hear from more players about their big test on sunday and how they are preparing coming at. >> we will look forward to that. >> it has been made a whirlwind year for robert griffin the third and the redskins. we will be bringing you interviews with the quarterback the family and more, coming up friday night right here on abc. >> coming up, after years of appeals, a local man death row could soon be free as soon as tomorrow. still ahead, the one thing that could prevent his release. >> what went down today in d.c. when a ups driver was held at gunpoint?
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>> home filled with ammunition exploded in flames fo
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>> funeral plans have been set for a prince william's officer
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killed on new year's eve. chris young died after his motorcycle struck a minivan in bristol. his weight will be held tomorrow in woodbridge. a funeral is set for friday at the same location. the crash remains under investigation. >> a fire raced through an and randall cunningham today and firefighters discovered a man's body. this happened in maryland city. the victim was confined to a wheelchair. >> this home behind me literally exploded in flames this morning. smoke filled the neighborhood. the damage was so bad that investigators have not been able to determine the cause nor how the man was found dead inside the home actually died. >> news choppers seven captured the flames soaring from a mobile home as fire raced through the double wide this morning. it inflicted major damage.
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>> when firefighters arrived the sign of round after round of ammunition echoed from the flames. neighbors and formed firefighters the man who lived to was an avid hunter even though he had severe health problems. >> i know he was in a wheelchair and that's why they built a ramp on the other side. >> firefighters located a man's body in the living room. neighbors believe the victim is the occupant, a man in his 50s. the fire broke out shortly after his wife left for work. >> it's a shame. he fought being sick all the time and had to go like that. >> the fire caused so much damage that it's hard for investigators to determine the cause. the batty -- the body is so badly burned there waiting for the medical examiner findings before providing the cause of death or identifying the victim. but neighbors here have started reading. >> it's heartbreaking and tragic. he was a great person and will be missed. >> neighbors say they believe to
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dogs who lived in the home also died in the fire. the medical examiner and investigators spent much of the day here trying to determine the cause of the fire that killed the man. >> thank you. new developments tonight in the case of a lawsuit in fairfax county. the supreme court of virginia is reversing a judge's order that a woman removed-online reviews of a contractor. the aclu appeal the original order, citing it as a violation of the first amendment and virginia law. the supreme court has thrown out the preliminary injunction issued in fairfax county circuit court. >> it is a chilly out there today but we are on par for where we should be at the beginning of the year. >> bitterly cold. >> the next couple of days will be cold but we will warm up and by early next week, we could be in the '50s.
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this is from leesburg during the day and shows off very nicely the array of clouds we enjoyed during the day. in may for a nice guy and toward sundown, we see the skies clearing out of it tonight and clear skies and dry, cold conditions with temperatures and the dew point near 19 degrees. that is the target area right now. a bit of a chill in air in beloit. a definite chill in the air but that doesn't qualify for bitterly cold. 29 in hagerstown. 40 degrees and fredericksburg. the clouds are thin and clearing out. most of the action remains well to the south for the next
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several days and maybe for the next week or so. that will shan't most of the precipitation south and we will stay partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures on the chilly side. lots of teens and twenties to the north and west but that core of cool air will not bother us and stay well into canada for a while. we will stay seasonal to slightly low for a few days and a warm-up coming in the beginning or middle of next week. high pressure holding strong tonight and that will clear out and give us a sunny day tomorrow. a weak disturbance moving through and maybe a few flurries in the mountains. pleasant conditions to the upcoming weekend. clearing skies and cold temperatures. the wind will be light but definitely a chilly start for the morning.
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once we get to the day tomorrow, look for temperatures to start into the mid '30's and eventually 37 to 41 degrees with winds out of the west. more fun as we move ahead to friday. the next seven days features a lot of sunshine in the forecast. 40 tomorrow and friday. middle '40's and at the ramp up in temperatures continues monday and tuesday with dry weather and highs approaching 50 degrees. some people thought of a january fall but we usually have bitterly cold air before we get to fall. >> we can handle it. >> you should park in front of your tv on channel 7. here is what is coming up in prime time -- your favorite comedies kick off with "the middle." stick around for abc seven news
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at eleven. >> coming up, we will tell you what happened that led to the death of a photographer trying to get a picture of justin bieber. >> find out what one local cisc -- one local system is doing to protect students in that new year. >> a ups truck driver was robbed
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>> tonight, police are searching for two men who robbed a ups truck. >> with allied to this scene for the latest on the investigation. >> when we got there the truck was parked on this hill while investigators tried to dust for clues. but this is not where it all started. >> it was at alabama and reading where it all ended. it started nearby, shortly before noon. the driver dropped off some packages when two masked men held them at gunpoint and demanded the packages in his truck. >> she and her children live across from where the truck and up after the holdup. >> it is scary to think there are people out there doing things like this already in the new year.
5:25 pm
we need to change. things need to change. >> investigators are talking to neighbors hoping that someone saw something. >> this is a very quiet neighborhood. you don't see things like this around here. >> she says she was concerned when she saw police because her daughter was home and did not know what was going on. a law-enforcement source told us some 90 packages were taken. the men were last seen driving a white van. >> we know the driver is safe and sound. the package is not so safe. ups is working with a shipping company to figure a how to get the money back. >> thank you. still ahead the dramatic rescue after a dog fell through an icy pond. >> more from a chris christie
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and why he says members of congress should be ashamed. >> another dramatic turn in the we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first d the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken.
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well i always worry about what's in the food that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go "dang, that's a good nugget."
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>> a virginia man on death row for a drug-related murder is scheduled to be released tomorrow. >> there's only one thing now standing between him and freedom. >> it was earlier today after a short hearing that the judge ruled tomorrow night at 5:00, he can walk and of the jail behind the free men unless a federal appeals court steps in and stops it. his friends, families and lawyers will not predict what that judge can do. >> for jerry steinberg, everyday person has been in prison has been a difficult one. >> this is something we have been hoping for for a long time. >> after 11 and a half years, the state is different from the rest. >> i hope that may be finally over. >> a judge deciding with defense attorneys ordering his release
5:30 pm
despite strong objections from prosecutors. the judge reaffirmed last week's ruling from the judge determined he should be released and not retried. arguing prosecutors hid evidence and failed in their case. >> it's a huge victory and a great win. >> u.s. convicted in 2002 for a drug-related murder in 2001. he has remained in solitary confinement the entire time. >> he has told the same story for 12 years. >> prosecutors remain unconvinced. the prosecutor is acting as an appeals court to block the release. if that doesn't happen, tomorrow night, he will walk out of the chile free man and his family, free of the pain. >> i doubt i will sleep tonight. >> this case was initially
5:31 pm
prosecuted by the commonwealth's attorney's office and picked up by the fairfax county commonwealth office, a special prosecutor. following today's decision, we got no comment from fairfax and no response from prince william's. >> i'm sure that mother won't sleep much tonight. residents in the to, d.c. neighborhood are on high alert after a string of armed robberies. police are searching for a man who used some kind of machine two victories and a hot tub. he still and ipod and cash before escaping. >> one man is dead after a fire ripped through a mobile home in maryland city at 8:00 this morning. it quickly turned into a massive blaze. the victim is believed to be occupant of the home who was confined to a wheelchair. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> president obama is thinking congress for passing a bill that
5:32 pm
prevents us from going over the fiscal cliff. it stops a middle-class tax hike and raises taxes on the wealthiest americans. the house approved a bill last night and the senate approved a bill tuesday morning. but the bipartisan bickering continues. after passing the bill, one very important piece of legislation was not touched -- a $60 billion aid package for victims of super stormed sandy. the house agree to hold a vote by january 15 but it comes one day after finger-pointing and outrage from lawmakers. >> it is a lashing and tough- talking chris christie is known for only the time it is a fellow republican his railing against. >> i called the speaker four times last night after 11:20 and he did not take my calls. >> publicly bashing john boehner, chris christie and others from the hard-hit areas of new york and new jersey did not hold back of the house's
5:33 pm
failure to vote on the sandy relief package last night. >> we cannot believe this knife in the back was delivered to our region. >> the legislation to help the areas still in ruins failed through the senate last -- sailed through the senate last week. but after last night, the house adjourned leaving the bill and thousands of displaced residents unattended. in his press conference today chris christie called nothing more than politics. >> it is why the american people hate congress. governor cuomo and i are as frustrated as to people can be. unlike the people in congress, we have actual responsibilities. >> a fellow new jersey lawmaker was inviting the house speaker to see how ravaged the area still is 66 days after sandy struck. >> i would ask him to drive through see bright new jersey. a town of less than 2000 people. the business district is totally destroyed.
5:34 pm
speaker boehner says the house will vote on $9 billion for flood insurance on friday and another vote for additional assistance will be held by january 15. chris christie says that's just two more weeks people are left without a place to live. >> the fiscal cliff deal coverage continues night on world news. i spoke to diane sawyer about the fiscal cliff and what else they're working on. we have been following the fiscal cliff deal. what is in that deal? >> the latest on washington and what an uproar there has been over hurricanes and the relief. we will have the latest on the fist fight going on. >> it was great seeing the rose bowl parade coverage yesterday because and the storm was back. >> we love and a storm and she
5:35 pm
has a cautionary tale for everyone about the family grille and how it with a file -- lit a fire. also, if you resolve to exercise, we have a 101 year-old woman who's going to inspire you. >> hi will look forward to that. you can watch this story and more right after abc seven news at 6:00. >> time for a check on the traffic situation. >> as you work your way toward duke street, a couple of crashes -- memorial bridge outbound as you head out of the district to right lanes blocked. also in loudon county, a closure with a vehicle fire. some heavy traffic crossing the
5:36 pm
legion bridge. not too bad as you work your way at past connecticut avenue heading toward 95. you will see delays in prince george's county as you work your way down 214. on and off 370 heading into germantown as you work your way into frederick county. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, how justin bieber is responding to the death of a photographer designed to take a picture of the pop star. >> watching so many of her friends dreams go down the drain, this local college student set out to help younger girls avoid making the same mistakes. we will show you how she is making things happen. >> a controversial decision -- a 6-year-old is suspended.
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>> a local college student is hoping to take a different path and life and help others avoid
5:40 pm
making the same mistakes. >> she found a nonprofit organization called chase dreams, not beliefs. >> we all have a different story. we have all been through a lot. >> she has been through a lot. growing up with little money and without her mother. at 15, finding out her best friend was pregnant. >> we were so scared. we didn't know what we were going to do. >> that she is using what she has been through to help other young women and girls and high school and middle school. she founded an organization chase dreams, not bullets, to empower young minority women who were missing a positive influence in their lives. >> they did not have someone to tell them they could do anything and no matter how big your dream is, they can attain it. i want to be that for those girls who don't have that in their life. >> they offer an after-school
5:41 pm
program to help young girls build self-esteem and mentor college-age girls as well. >> it covers topics like women's health, relationships with males and we go over things like higher education and it resonate -- and resume a building. >> she says she has no wish for all of them. >> i want her to have better guidance and live in a world where she feels like she can do anything. >> they offer a program to help girls growing up without mothers. to learn more, lot gone to -- log on to >> up next, see the rescue of a shivering dog from an icy pond. >> the new bond identical twins have in the new year. >> one local jurisdiction has come up with a new school security pla
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>> students of sandy hook elementary were given a sense of
5:45 pm
normalcy, reigniting for their -- reunited for the first time with their school teachers before the head back to class tomorrow. >> it's the first and have been back in the classroom since the deadly shooting in connecticut. they visited their temporary school for an open house. a completely retrofitted a middle school to fit the needs of eight young students and even changed the names outside to sandy at the elementary school. >> children are coming in and they are so excited to see their teachers. the students are here to complete the circle. that's what's missing. >> the former principal is coming at of retirement to replace the beloved principal who was one of the six educators killed along with 20 students, counselors, the large police presence will be on hand to help with the back-to-school transition. >> the shooting has school systems around the country reevaluating their security systems. in virginia, have taken new steps to try to protect
5:46 pm
students. officials talk to estimate the security changes. >> it has made parents very happy carry from now on, there will be a sheriff's deputy assigned to every single school in the county. >> she says she loves the beat. >> we are going to do everything we can to keep their children safe. >> she's one of more than two dozen deputies assigned for the very first time to patrol in and around the stafford county schools. there will now be an officer in every school indefinitely. >> i don't think it's a bad idea. >> i think it's better than to train people to carry a gun.
5:47 pm
it's better to have one significant person. >> county officials that together following the tragedy in newtown, conn. and decided they had to act. >> we wanted to do everything we can. >> that response time is where we're waiting for that support. that's going to be phenomenal. >> it may not be the perfect solution to school security but she added i do feel better when i drop my child off. >> the surest department says there has been no recent threats against any school in the county. they just thought it was a good idea. the first day has gone very well. >> you heard about the power of twins -- unless proven in ohio and new year's day after identical twin sisters delivered their sisters less than two hours apart. they did not plan to get
5:48 pm
pregnant at the same time, but they did and were due one week apart. their babies decided new year's day was the perfect day to enter the world together. >> we are best friends. now our babies will be best friends. >> hopefully. >> mom and baby are both doing well. they both had baby boys. >> firefighters and stateless started the new year with an icy dog rescue. a german shepherd ran onto an icy pond and fell through. firefighters went out and rescue the dog. it was his first day with the fire department. once the dog was out safely, they treated him with oxygen and the main site now has a dog and is looking for the honor. >> let's see what's coming up at 6:00. >> it's hard to top a feel-good dog story.
5:49 pm
tonight at 6:00, the fiscal cliff deal and what it means for you in the months ahead. also, a teenage girl dies after being hit by car and now her family members believe she may have been the target of a crime several hours earlier. we have a live report from the vigil being held in her memory. plus, an unusual case with a 6- year-old boy suspended from a school for making a threatening gesture. we will hear from a child's parents and school officials and a few minutes. >> it was a chilly out there today. >> it will be a brutal night. >> 18 degrees? >> no big thing. we have not been that called for a while. just up the road in arlington
5:50 pm
we snapped this picture. closer and closer to 5:00. on friday, the first time since november the eighth, will have a sunset at 5:00 as the days continue to get a little bit longer. 33 and 39 with highs reportedly aspirin. you can see by the high clouds and a circulation most of the action will be well to the south of our area for several more days. clear and cold, 18-20 degrees to our morning with sunshine and clouds and denies it january day. beautiful weather with a warming
5:51 pm
trend and it could get close to 50 degrees by tuesday and wednesday of next week. 2012 was the warmest year on record on -- in washington. that put us in a category where temperatures on average are comparable to the average temperatures of atlanta, oklahoma city and san jose. that is the very latest. >> things are warming up by the time game time comes around. >> the skins are still practicing in the bubble and rg3 is wrapping up one of the best rookie seasons we've seen in a while. a single season franchise record for a quarterback and that nfc east crown, but he is not dead yet. i had the rare opportunity to
5:52 pm
talk to gryphon one-on-one today. we talked about his family and the incredible winning streak. >> you said the last time you end alford were nine. you are the man everyone was talking about. how does it feel? >> it feels good. but it's not just about getting in the playoffs. we have to focus on seattle. the time to celebrate is now. >> if you did not know his name before sunday's win against dallas, you definitely know it now -- the rookie running back surpassed a single season rushing record and was named offensive player of the week. he racked up more than 1,600
5:53 pm
yards so far. someone who knows a lot about running backs is joe kids and i caught up with him to ask about the yen rising star. >> we have a running back like that and you can run the football, that's what they got going for them. particularly a young one like this, we have to play good defense. >> now that they know about rg3 how do you build on that? he kept listing more. >> and the are healthy. >> still ahead the latest on the death of a photographer trying to grab a shot
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>> a photographer died in los
5:57 pm
angeles while trying to get a shot of a shotbieber. >> we have more on what happened. >> pop star just an bieber says enough is enough after a photographer was killed photograph in his car in los angeles. his friend was driving his white ferrari and was pulled over for speeding. that's when officers say the photographer parked his car and cross the busy street to snap pictures. >> he verbally ordered him to turn back to the vehicle. we had to order and twice. >> u.s. and struck by an suv and killed. bieber was not even there. in a statement, he offered condolences to the man's family and said hopefully this tragedy will inspire meaningful legislation and whenever another necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities. police officers and the innocent bystanders and the photographers themselves.
5:58 pm
it's not the first dangerous run in involving photographers and the pop star. last july, a high-speed chase led to a photographer being arrested and led to the 2009 law. a judge later threw out the charges and said bill wallace too broad. in this case, the friend claims she was a victim. >> you always play by the rules. >> he will not be charged. >> at 6:00, the frustrations over the fiscal cliff deal. >> congress michigan a deal to avoid a fiscal cliff but critics say it did not go far enough. >> 66 days and counting.
5:59 pm
shame on you. shame on congress. >> chris christie outraged on relief efforts. tonight, why he might get what he needs. >> >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> first at 6, the frustration over the fiscal cliff deal less than 24 hours after the house passed a bill. critics call it a band-aid that does not solve the long-term spending problems. >> big spending cuts are delayed for two months and ickes income taxes at the same level for the majority of americans. that means your taxes have gone

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